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The Endless Possibilities of LED

» Illuminated Signage
» Swimming Pools/Water Features
» Pool and Spa Lighting
» Cove Lighting
» One Off Light Features
» Exterior Light Sculptures
» Landscaped Areas
» Billboards
» Pubs & Clubs
» Bars & Restaurants
» Hotels
» Domestic Homes

T8 LED Flourescent Replacement Tubes

t8 tubes

A real alternative to fluorescent lighting are LED tubes. They contain absolutely no mercury, do not emit UV radiation and are truly energy saving, lasting four times as long as fluorescent bulbs.

LED High Output Flood Lights


LED Flood lights offer up 80% consumption savings on traditional luminaires. Easily installed and retrofitted. Each Luminaire comes complete with integral LED PSU and thermal management system to ensure maximum output and durability. Fittings offer high Lumen output with little light wastage and no maintenance. Read the rest of this entry »

FibreLED Green Range

FibreLED Green Range

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