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Dublin Airport – Signage

As a long terms strategy to reduce running costs, maintenance and in keeping with their environmental obligations The DAA made a decision to move away from fluorescent tubes from all its new signage within the new the new terminal buildings.

The specification required an LED strip system that would be flexible enough to easily fit into light boxes of many various sizes, a system that would be bight enough to offer similar light levels to that of the fluorescent and a system that was suitably durable and had to correct warranties to be used in such a large-scale LED switching project.

After a painstaking testing and sampling period the fibreLED FLpod LED LUX system was chosen. It offers sufficient light level is flexible, durable, uses high quality diodes and will consume around 85% less power that the a fluorescent system. Considering all the signage being on for long periods the system will offer huge savings within the Airport and will pay for itself in terms of savings within around 12months.

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