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Traditionally fibre optic lights have big drawbacks. Expensive to buy and run, noisy fan units, and cumbersome, heavy drivers unsuitable for mounting above many ceilings. That’s why Collingwood’s fibre optic system is so popular. Using just LED power to light up 30 strands really saves money; plus the life span of the LED is years not months as is normal with many fibre optic lamps. This flexibility in positioning the fibre LED light means you can run far shorter lengths of fibre optic cable. Again this saves much expense. Get an awesome fibre optic installation, at a fraction of the cost with this new, easily installed, maintenance free system.

Part number: Fibre LED light RGB
Fibre LED light RGB for use with fibre 1/30 (fibre optics)
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# LED Output: 6.7watt per unit
# Input: 350mA
# Material: Aluminium housing
# LED Driver: RGBox 30 (4 Fibre LED light per RGBox 30)
# Wiring: Series
# Additional requirements: Fibre 1/30 (fibre optics)
# Use LED3 RGB Ext

FibreLED RGB_dimensions

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