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Downlight – LED3 9w RGB

LED39wRGBHuge colour change power. This unit may be small in size (fits into any 50mm (MR16) downlight housing) but it packs a massive punch. 3 x 3watt RGB LED’s create hard hitting colour change scenes at the touch of a button. When big power is required choose the 9w RGB LED3 instead of the standard 3w version.

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Part number: LED3 9watt Flood RGB
LED3 RGB MR16 Fitting

# LED beam angle: 45°
# Fitting: MR16 (50mm)
# Output: 9watt
# Material: Aluminium
# Wiring: Series
# Cable: 1.1m 4 x 0.75 core Cable
# LED Input: 350mA RGBox30 2 Units per RGBox Use LED3 RGB Ext


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